Your All-In-One Solution For Proper TMR Management
A Supreme Feed Processor is your all-in-one material processing solution for proper TMR management. First, it is a powerful feed cutter that allows you to accurately process all types of roughage into uniform lengths of 1” to 6”. Next, it is a thorough feed mixer that blends your feed and feed additives into a single, uniform ration without grinding or damaging the feed. Finally, it is an efficient feeder that allows you to discharge ration in even, measured amounts for unparalleled control of your feeding operations.

Reduce Your Down Time And Repair Costs
Supreme Feed Processors feature simple, professionally engineered designs, minimal moving parts and premium quality components. That means more durable, longer lasting machines that deliver reduced downtime and fewer maintenance related costs down the road.
Achieve A Higher Quality Feed
Not only do Supreme Feed Processors cut material uniformly, they cut it cleanly, so you don’t lose food value due to shattered stems and leaves. What’s more, the mixing action is gentle and accurate so that feed and additives are thoroughly blended, not ground together. The result is a more uniform, more palatable, healthier feed mixture that your animals won’t separate.

Reduce Your Total Capital Investment Cost
Because a Supreme Feed Processor cuts and mixes your feed all in one machine, it eliminates the need for additional processing equipment, thus reducing your total capital investment cost. Supreme’s extremely efficient auger design requires far less horsepower to accomplish the same work as comparable mixers, which translates into reduced fuel costs.
Reduce Your Processing Time Up To 50%
Every Supreme comes standard equipped with the Supreme Patented Auger design. Employing 4 separate Auger patents, the Supreme will cut and mix material simultaneously and can reduce your daily workload by up to 50% over most other vertical mixers, while still delivering the most accurate and thoroughly mixed ration in the industry. Over the course of a year, these speed and accuracy advantages will translate into substantial savings in time, labor, fuel, and feed costs, providing a handsome return on your investment.

Cut And Process Your Most Difficult Materials
Supreme’s patented vertical auger design gives you unbelievable performance in even the most difficult of materials, including 100% roughage and frozen or spoiled material. You will be able to process all types of silage and haylage, any size of round or square bale, and efficiently blend them without worrying about placing undue stress on the machine.