Supreme International, with a history that spans over several decades, became the first company in North America to design, test and manufacture the VERTICAL FEED PROCESSOR. The innovative methods used in the initial research and development consisted of bringing in several key farm owners from all over North America and asking their opinions on what they needed. This practice continues today. Who better to ask? The first few years were the formative years. Supreme has revolutionized the livestock feeding industry by adding many new innovative features to the vertical processor that enabled livestock producers to feed their cattle more efficiently allowing them to lower their feed costs and improve their gains.

In May 2008, Supreme expanded into the United States, with a purchase of a 9,000 square foot assembly facility located in Dodge City, KS. This expansion is in response to the trending of an increased demand for better quality and larger equipment for feeding cattle in both dairy and feedlot. 

Supreme continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology within our production process and stays connected to our front line dealers and customers. We have state of the art equipment to ensure that we can produce with optimization of efficiency not compromising quality. 

Supreme International Limited is a "World Class" organization that serves it’s customers in the Middle East, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Hungary and all across the USA and Canada. Supreme has become the benchmark for quality throughout the world and the name Supreme has become synonymous with the words PERFORMANCE and RELIABILITY.
Supreme does not stop there. We recognized that the ever-growing environmental industry was also looking for ways to decrease waste by improving the recycling process. The challenge was how to efficiently process and blend the different waste commodities of varying densities and moisture content in one machine, as the current mixers of the day were unable to process these commodities together. Supreme met that challenge head on with the introduction of our industrial line of Supreme Enviro Processors. 

So sure of the equipment, Supreme International Limited is the only company that guarantees the performance of the vertical processor with a one year money back guarantee.
A 25-year Member of FEMA

Here is what some of our customers are saying about Supreme International Limited's vertical processor.

"The Supreme mixer was first used in Indonesia back in 1998 by myself. It was my 1st experience with a vertical mixer and loved it immediately. It cuts through difficult forages such as Rice straw and King grass with ease and mixes quickly and beautifully. Always had a great ration. The best thing about the Supreme for us, is that you can't break it and that's saying something in this neck of the woods - with minimal maintenance, these mixers just keep going. We now use two of them in our feedlot in Lampung Province, Sumatra and a fellow feedlotter nearby has followed suit in a 30,000 hd feedlot. Highly recommended for feedlots in the tropics .... and best money for value."
Dick Slaney - General Manager, P.T. Elders Indonesia

“I have found the Supreme mixers to be trouble free and they have good reliability and consistency for the cows. There may be no such thing as a perfect mixer wagon, but Supreme is the closest thing to it.”
JR Hoogland - Hoogland Dairy, Maurice, IA

“We like the uniform mixing, quality of feedout, longevity of the machines. We especially like the hydraulic oil testing program.”
Dean Swager - Swager Farms, Buhl, ID

“I have owned and operated our Supreme mixer since December 2003, and I haven’t had one issue with it. There have been no breakdowns, and I just changed the knives last summer. The thing about the Supreme is that it’s consistent; from one end of the bunker to the other, the mix is the same throughout, and when combined with quality feed there is definite increase in production and buttermilk, and it’s a feed that the cows love. All the other colonies with Supremes have had the same results, and I wouldn’t mix without it. There is nothing but good things about the machine, and especially the great service that I have received, from the custom design to support throughout.”
Phillip - Supreme owner since December 2003

"The Supreme is very well designed, well built and does excellent mixing for TMR. The machine does an excellent job of cutting. You can make and TMR with straight hay and brewer's grain which you can't do with any other machine. You are able to monitor you moisture with hay with this type of mixer for optimum feed intake. It's a trouble free machine, made to last."
Karrosa Holsteins Ltd. - Alberta, Canada

"No matter what kind of bale put in the Supreme, it cuts it to the quality we want. The machine mixes with superior accuracy and can blend anything. It's built like a tank, almost indestructible. We can feed a balanced ration where we can control our moisture, fiber, and energy and cut our feeding time in half. As soon as we went to TMR feeding we gained 5 liters per cow. We were able to dry up 15 cows and come up with the same amount of milk in the tank. Health wise we stabilized stomach upsets therefore having far less health problems with the herd. The Supreme has allowed us to manage the herd with a lot more time to be used in other areas instead of feeding. The machine is user friendly. It is so adaptable and simple it takes a minimal amount of effort to blend any ration. Horsepower requirements are very low as well."
Road Side Dairy, Alberta, Canada